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Bad Writing Day


I had one of those days where you write and write and write, and at the end of it all you’re left with words that are total rubbish. DELETE DELETE DELETE!

It seems to be taking me a long time to get my head around Bentham and utilitarianism, which is what I (stupidly) chose to write an essay on. Part of my problem is access to BOOKS, especially old books published in the 1800s. I’ve got a PDF chapter someone uploaded to a dodgy site, and the Kindle version of one entire text, but yeah, that’s not much good for citation purposes.

What about POTUS and Ms Merkel. What was going on with that non-handshake? She seemed to be putting a lot of effort into projecting positive body language when they were sitting together, but I’m thinking that the meeting didn’t go so well! And his proposed budget cuts? I can’t figure out why he hasn’t been rolled yet. He’s just so…

The group project at uni starts this week. I’ve lined up a couple of blokes who seem to be ok – not ditherers or chatterers – and I hope things go alright. There’s always the possibility that other people will want to join our group, but I hope not. There’s a lot of talk amongst the other students about wanting to “help” people and “heal” the world, and I’m just over here rolling my eyeballs so hard they’re in danger of falling right out of my head. Also, it’s a bit weird, but we’ve got undergrad and masters students in the same seminars, because I guess it’s easier and cheaper for the university, but it makes for “interesting” times due to the different levels of knowledge in the room. I was banging on about an aspect of postcolonial theory the other day and got some blank looks. I don’t know. It seems like a recipe for dumbing down things, if you ask me.

I’ve stopped posting my “best” ideas to the (compulsory) discussion boards, because I found that some of the others don’t bother to come up with ideas of their own. Can I just say again how much I detest this whole “collegiate” vibe? ‘

Mr V is having an MRI this week. So, yeah, the aftermath might be a *fun time*.

I haven’t been reading anything good lately. I’m a bit sick of reading human rights theory, to be honest. I think we’re leaving the early theorists behind and moving forward to post WW II next week, so that will be a welcome change. I still have to write an essay on Bentham, though. Did you know that he wanted to be put on display after he died? His head was preserved, but it all went a bit wrong, so now a wax head sits on his dressed skeleton and “he” hangs out at UCL . Yup. I kind of like Bentham, because he was an animal rights advocate and a total fruitloop. I’m learning more about him than I ever wanted to know, really.

Ok. I’d better go and eat something and try to let my brain wind down before I go to bed. Take care, and send me good writing vibes if you have some to spare. 🙂