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Ha! So much for reducing my spending on books this year. After much consideration (in a brain-fog of indecision!) I decided to apply to do a Master of Human Rights and see what happened. I got an offer the next day, and as the enrolment cut-off date was looming, I only had a few days to think about accepting or not. I’m totally over all this switching between universities and degrees, and I don’t know if human rights will be a better fit for me, but I guess I’ll find out. And then there were all the textbooks to buy. :/

If Donald Trump wasn’t about to become one of the most powerful men on the planet, I probably would have stuck with my history masters. But. The world has gone f***ing mad, if you ask me, and I feel there’s a genuine need to be more politically active, and to stand up for more things that I believe in. It seems to me that human rights issues are going to become even bigger than they are already, and that if I’m going to be involved in lobbying and campaigning and whatnot, then I should probably know what I’m talking about. I couldn’t really just sit back and study 19th century history, not with all the stuff going on the world right now.

I feel pretty sad about the state of the planet, but I also feel that if we don’t do something, then we’re part of the problem. This is no time for apathy and hand-wringing, although I’ve been doing a fair bit of that over the past couple of months. However, it’s time to act, and it’s clear that a lot of other people feel this way, too:


“A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $130,000 to get a photograph of two young girls wearing hijabs at an Australia Day event on billboards across the country, and surplus funds will now go to Indigenous organisations.

Last week the photograph of the two girls – taken at the Docklands celebration last year – was removed from a Melbourne freeway billboard after the billboard company allegedly received threats. The image of the two young girls – one of a series of photographs advertising a nearby Australia Day event – had been posted to a far right group’s social media page and prompted hundreds of bigoted comments and complaints, many directed at the girls.

In response, a crowdfunding campaign by the Campaign Edge advertising agency called for the girls’ photograph to be reprinted on posters and in an Australia Day campaign. After more than $120,000 was donated in 24 hours, the campaign expanded, proposing to erect dozens of billboards across Australian capital cities.” The Guardian


White supremacist racist bigots are not going to win.

Hard right-wing conservatives are not going to win.

Xenophobes, religious extremists, and ignorant people are not going to win.

And, those who want to trample our human rights are not going to win, either.


Up the Revolution, Comrades! 🙂

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  • Brian Joseph
    January 20, 2017

    I hear you Violet. The forces of darkness are on the march throughout the world. Today in particular is a discouraging day.

    It is sad to hear that bigotry and hatred is so prevalent in Australia. The story of those girls and the billboard is as horrible yet it is sadly predictable.

    I agree that we all must act to preserve what is good in the world. I will be marching in street protests over the next couple of days. It has been a very long time since I did anything like that.

    A masters in Human Rights seems so interesting. Good luck!

    • Violet
      February 12, 2017

      I hope everyone can maintain the momentum and keep marching. We’re having state elections here soon and the rampant bigotry is starting to show. Also, I think that voters here are so tired of the two main political parties that they will just vote for “anyone”, including the nutters who want to ban Muslim immigration, and ban the burqa and the halal certification of food.

      I don’t quite know what to expect from the HR course, but it sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the good wishes; I’ll probably need all the luck I can muster. 🙂

  • Caroline
    January 20, 2017

    This sounds very interesting. I hope to hear more. It’s so frightening, isn’t it?
    And unbelievable. I still am not even over the fact that a person with narcissistic personality disorder got elected, let.

    • Violet
      February 12, 2017

      I can’t get over the tweeting. It’s just bizarre that someone in his position is tweeting his thoughts the way he does. I’m hoping that sanity will prevail in the long term and that the US constitution will be robust enough to hold his crazy regime to account.

  • Gary Moon
    January 31, 2017

    This is a fantastic quote although it refers to an old British mp (Michael Heseltine) it seems apt
    “He has these extraordinary theories into which he can fit all the facts, and this gives him a great flow, like a huge river which is unmistakably coming from somewhere and going somewhere, but the longer you listen, the more you realise he is trying to push water uphill”
    Tony Benn

    • Violet
      February 12, 2017

      I think the whole alt-facts, post-reality, “telling big lies to ignorant people” syndrome is getting to be a real problem. It’s a worry because a lot of people can’t tell when they’re being taken for a ride, and also because a lot of people don’t care. There’s a sort of mass hysteria going on, and it’s a bit scary.

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